Pitching & Skills


The heart of Inches Fastpitch is our expertise in pitching.  With a strong focus on fundamentals, pitchers can be developed from the ground up, having no prior experience.  IFP also works with more advanced pitchers, focusing in on what they need personally to take it to the next level.  All pitchers, regardless of experience, will be taught location, location, location.  It is this control that allows pitchers to be successful on the field. Pitchers will also earn the opportunity to learn pitches such as:

Fastball - straight, split finger
Change Up - choke, knuckle, circle
Drop Ball - turn-over, peel, split finger
Curve Ball - straight, drop-curve
Rise ball - straight, knuckle

Depending on what the athlete needs, a catcher can be instructed on foundational catching skills.  These movements are what's needed to work with a pitcher, block the ball behind the plate, etc.  More advanced catchers can also learn how to successfully call games, to read their pitcher and the hitter, and more.


Inches also offers hitting lessons.  A strong, softball swing will be broken down into basics.  Other areas of hitting are also taught:

Placing the ball


Young players often need to spend time developing a strong throwing motion, while others may need to address that sidearm that's really starting to affect them.  Perhaps some more personalized attention is needed to really understand plays.  Fielding and throwing lessons can focus on anything from play / situational theory, to developing quick and soft hands.


Fastpitch skills need to be supported by basic athletic strength.  Developing stronger legs and core can give you a few extra miles an hour on your fastball for example.  To get stronger, faster, or to just feel better, personal training is for you!


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